sparkles on the sidewalk (fiction) (sometimes I write fiction & I love doing it)

its starts out like this. GO! Go! go! like seriously GO! He called to her down the hallway. don't ever come back here ever.

He had said that to her many times, but there was something different about the tone in his voice this time. She never knew if she could trust him anyway. 

She lit a cigarette and crept out the fire escape window. She'd have to go back for her phone at least she thought. the door opened from down the hallway and she could see her phone placed on the floor by an outstretched hand and then the door shut. not slammed. just shut. 

He'd get over it. that was an indication. Anyway, she needed her charger. Her leopard print jacket with fur around the edges. her brush. the rest of her cigarettes. her vinyls and some other things. She kept most of her things at jacki's so it was easy to just go there. but she wanted that leopard jacket. and the rest of her cigarettes.

hmmpf. she looked out at the night. the sky. dark. stars up there somewhere, but she couldn't see them. the building next door was about.. i don't know, 10 feet away? is that how far buildings are? it was close. she could see into the people's place across the way. they seemed like a normal couple. up. to work. home. dinner. watch tv. bed by 10 or maybe 11. Veronica imagined that they would read in bed for somewhere between 30minutes to an hour before turning off the lights, kissing goodnight and sleeping peacefully until their alarms woke them up at 5:30 AM to go to the gym. Gah. 5:30 AM, what a god awful hour. Makes her nauseous to even think of rising at that hour.  But she was sure the perfect couple didn't mind. They probably felt good doing it.

The woman had blonde hair. brownish blonde. she wore black and white striped shirts. wide stripes. long sleeves. Tom's shoes. he was dark haired. Greek? little stubble. cute. very cute. not the kind of guy that would like ver, but she thought he should. or that she should be with someone like him. but he wouldn't give her a second look. At least that's what she figured anyway.

It looked like they were gonna have a baby. I don't know what made her think that. maybe it just seemed right. maybe they had a baby. No, she'd know if they had a baby she figured. Duh, that would be obvious. But it seemed like they had a baby. Does that make sense?

Hmmpf. what to do. Jonny probably wasn't gonna cool down for a while. plus she didn't really want to be around him anyway.  she climbed down the fire escape, jumped the last ten foot (ten foot? hard to be sure) drop to the slightly wet pavement. It had been raining on and off all day in the city.  there was a chill in the air and V was grateful she at least had her hoody on. 

her pace was mellow. whats the rush anyway? its moments like these you get the opportunity to slow down. to take a look at the graffiti. the sparkles in the sidewalk. notice the steam coming off the road. the stop lights changing color. Any other time you're too wrapped up in where you're going. who you're talking to. but when your boyfriend dumps you for the umpteenth time and you don't really have anywhere better to be.. being here, now, walking on the streets, breathing in the cool air, seems like as good a place to be as any other. HOnestly kind of better than anywhere. Definitely better than jonny's apartment thats for sure.

She definitely didn't want to go back there and considered what it would be like to curl up on the street for the night. she'd do it if she didn't think she'd get too cold. yeah.. i'd get too cold. she shivered at the thought of herself huddled in a doorway at like 3 or 4 in the morning just way too cold in only her hoodie.  Up until then it pretty much seemed appealing. the fresh air, the freedom. the adventure. things like that she liked. and she didn't want to go back to jonny's apartment.

nor did she want to go to jacki's place. she probably had. ugh. oh god, she definitely had that guy over. ugh! she couldn't go to jacki's. shit. that's not an option.   Sigh. fuck. fuck. fuck. where am I gonna go? shit. dang it. arghh.. i don't want to go back to Jonny's.