so many emotions

I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS. so many emotions. so many emotions. and they are not small. they are big and there's lots of them and they run around all crazy in my head all day and all day.  they are also in my body. in my chest. in my stomach. last night, i invited them to wake up (as if they were all asleep, cause Lord knows they are not ALL asleep. many of them are well, well widely awake. shouting. kicking. screaming. crying. all the time. to get attention. to be heard. so those i don't need to wake up) but the others, i welcomed them to wake. the ones sleeping in the nooks and crannies of my body. of my psyche. in the rafters, like an owl hiding in a barn, behind cobwebs unseen to the quick glancer. 

Wake up from your slumber, from your napping. i invite you to come out. come to me. speak to me. you have been invited to the platform. at first it was a cold, concrete platform, with a podium and a microphone so they could speak. but then, it became much more comfortable, like a place my friend Flora Bowley, or Anahata would design. with pillows and rugs from bali. warm unique furniture. fluffy rugs. geometric designs. colorful modern wall art. crisp, soft design. fresh wood. environmentally friendly. beautiful lamps. lights. lighting. people who know how to do lighting, I admire you. warm christmas like lights. lamps that hang over a sofa. never the overhead light (which I always use. i also like bright light sometimes)

my emotions are invited to a cozily lit opportunity for outpour. a cozy couch they can sit on. they have the stage. they can say what they want. for as long as they want. with whatever feeling. anger, sadness, frustration. longing. discomfort. rage. joy. they can know that they are safe. that they are held. one by one. loved.

come, come out and let me hold you and love you

Anahata's Space

Flora's lovely space

Flora's lovely space