here goes another. thats all thats important

Like I've mentioned. I don't know what I'm going to say when I sit down to write. all i know is that I have to write. this will not be correct grammar. this will not be correct spelling etc. if that irks you too much, or if rambling is not your thing, ha.. then this may not be the 'blog' for you.

so far, i'm not sure what to call it so i'm calling it a 'blog' in quotes. definitely not a blog.

what do i want to say to you.. and thats the catch. i need to eliminate the .. to you part. 

i needed to sit down and write today. i am also going to go for a run. its challenging to get 'you' out of my mind. the audience. seriously. 

yes. following my yes. this 'blog' is a yes. don't think i'll always use quotes. too much energy to do. i rearranged my room. just a little. some parts are still not put together. freedom. freshness that is what readers would get from my blog. freedom to let go and be. less structure. following the moment. i had ideas what i would write, but that is not important. those are to vanish to make way for the moment. 

like at this moment, if I could be anywhere else, just transported, i'd be at Breightenbush hot springs. sitting in that one pool where we saw the daughter and dad. or what, was it his son? it was in the morning. oh this feels good not worrying about having to explain all the details. this is me. this is me writing. 

a sigh. a sigh of relief. letting go. relaxing. saying yes. to me.