meet sam the cell

this here is my first 'blog' post. though i'm not really calling it a blog i suppose. i am in my mind, but its not a traditional blog. i will call it a blog in my mind until i think of something else that it truly is. until that title emerges.

this morning i met sam the cell. chief sam, but he told me i didn't need to call him that. he is the head of all the cells in my body. he represents them and he came to talk to me.  he thanked me for my commitment to not eating sugar for the past 8 months. mind you i haven't been perfect and he knows that. he understands cause i'm human. but wow, i have really decreased the number of times i've LOADED my body with super simple white unrefined sugars from chocolate chip cookies. ice cream. donuts. bread etc.  

he told me, in tears... touched, how thankful he and all the cells are.  to not have to be on alert for some emergency. to have to drop everything and tend to the influx, the overdose, the overwhelming amount of trash entering the system. they have actually been able to focus on the WORK. the projects they want to get done, like detoxifying, like rebuilding, like strengthening etc. 

(this is what sam looks like btw:)

a doozer from Fraggle Rock! 

a doozer from Fraggle Rock! 

doozers at work. like cells in my body

doozers at work. like cells in my body


he thanked me for how i have been eating more nutrient dense food.  for the resources. it was like he was accepting his grant and he began to tell me what they intended on doing with all these resources. 

1 first we will start with the bones. the structure. we will increase their density. patch up andy tears, shreds, etc. we plan to heal your ankle, toes. we will heal your arthritis.. with the calcium you provide us . and other nutrients.

2. two we plan to heal the muscles. the organs. detoxifying (which we've already started) your kidneys, colon, pancreas, liver etc. we will clear out the toxins, which we've already started because you have given us such a great break from all the sugar you liked to consume. now we can actually focus on this.

3. we of course will eliminate excess fat. this is our last step.  cellulite will be gone. blemishes etc. its a focus later on in the process, but it will be addressed. 

he outlined his plan. he told me that he was grateful that i was finally available for him to connect with to communicate with.  knowing my current commitment to my body, he felt he could trust me. so here he was.. introducing himself to me.