This past week has been a heart challenge to say the least.

As I sit and write this, I feel timid because I don't want to offend anyone. I don't want to offend good people who think differently than me, and I surely do not want to offend good people I profess to stand by and support. To be honest, speaking up for what I believe in this kind of way is not something that comes easily for me. However, I am willing to take the risk, be courageous and use my voice, because


In this past week, I know there have been acts of violence across the board. On all 'sides' of the spectrum. I am particularly upset by acts of bigotry, of racism, of threatening & bullying on either side.  I CHOOSE LOVE INSTEAD.

As I rise into my power, I come together with my soulful artist sisters to take a stand.  As the beginning of a movement, we are offering downloadable prints with our art and words to express our stance. We encourage you to join us. Create your own downloadable #ARTISTSFORLOVE prints. Share your own, share these and pass on the light of hope. 

Click on the images below for downloadable prints.

This is one small step of solidarity. There is more to come. I personally commit to educating myself on how I can best rise up, best heed the call which beckons us all. Will you join me?

Beautiful, inspiring video: